“Regatta II” Brass Sculpture

Renowned artist Gilbert V. Boro creates stunning abstract sculptures from a wide array of materials. When Boro needed assistance realizing his latest vision, he turned to Welding Works in Madison, CT. The collaboration resulted in Regatta II: a brass work in Boro’s Regatta Series of sailboat-inspired sculptures.

Upon being contacted by the artist, Welding Works began estimating the project’s cost. The six foot tall artwork was to be fashioned from artist-supplied brass, and several unique requirements had to be met. As with most artwork, special care in handling was a priority. Cleaning at each stage was essential to maintain the sculpture’s polished appearance. The design called for a sleek, clean appearance, and any minor flaw in fabrication would draw unwanted attention.

Welding Works had the experience to estimate and produce the sculpture, and was awarded the job. Planning and construction of Regatta II required coordination between the artist, the project engineer and Welding Works.

To ensure dimensional accuracy, the material was laser-cut to template-specified shapes. The cutouts were then rolled to a specific radius on a rolling machine. As the piece took shape, all weldments were strategically concealed from view by Welding Works’ skilled welders. The structure was then mounted to a powdercoated teal base, thus completing another successful public art project.