Air Heater Module Project

The production of new air heater modules for a power plant in eastern New York State is a good illustration of how Welding Works combines design and fabrication skills. Sixteen all carbon steel modules needed to be fabricated to fit into an old asbestos-insulated heater shell.

To prepare the shell, the customer cut out the bottom of the old heater and the nonoperational mechanisms were removed. The only materials provided to Welding Works for the project were the dimensions of the air-heater modules and the metal tubes that were to be installed in the modules. Welding Works was responsible for designing the support structure for the tubes, as well as the shipping skids for the modules.

The sixteen 4-foot x 7-foot x 19-foot modules, each weighing over 14 tons, were fully fabricated at Welding Works. Each module was transported on its own flatbed truck, ready to install upon arrival. (It should be noted that all of the asbestos in the shell was properly sealed and contained.)